CMC (Cellular and Mobile Communication) 5,6,7,8 Units Important Questions


1.Discuss about various mobile antenna
2.Describe about  various Umbrella pattern antennas.
1.        3.Describe about  various Umbrella pattern antennas.

4.Discuss about space diversity antennas used  at mobile unit


1(a)What is frequency management concerned to numbering  the channels, grouping into subsets
   (b)Define channel assignment.Discuss channel assignment to mobile unit and cell site.
2.Discuss about set up channels both paging and access channels.
3.Discuss various Non fixed channel assignment algorithms.
1.      4.(a)What is meant by Handoff Initiation? Explain different methods of handoff initiation.
(b)Discuss about  concepts  delaying a handoff and queuing a handoff.


1.Define dropped call.Differentiate between dropped call and blocked call.Give the formula of dropped call rate.
2.(a)Define the tern handoff.What are different types of handoffs-Discuss
     (b)Discuss about(i)MAHO (ii)Intersystem handoff.
3.Discuss about (i)Delaying a handoff (ii)Forced handoff(iii)Queuing  a handoff
  4.Discuss in detail the following.

Unit - 8

4.Briefly discuss GSM architecture
4.Give detailed notes on GSM modes and channels..
4.Discuss about MS,OSS,BSS and NSS of GSM architecture.
            (i)Channel sharing and borrowing (ii)Sectorization(iii)Overlay-Underlay arrangement
4.Explain about GSM channels and GSM modes following