DIP MID II Important questions

1)a)explain the color image fundamentals? 
    b)explain the RGB,HIS and CMY color model ?
2)Draw the image compression model and Explain?
3)a)Explain Erosion and dilation techniques with an example?
b) explain global thresholding ?
4)a)explain how the RGB color model converted in to HSI color space ?
    b)explain the terms Flat ,light and Dark terms in tonal correction ?
5)Define image compression and explain various redundancy techniques?
6)explain various types of edge detection discontinuity techniques(point,Line,Edge)? 
7)a)with neat diagram explain intensity slicing in pseudo color image processing ?
    b)draw the color complement circle ?
8)classify the various watermarking Techniques used in image watermarking, draw the block diagram?
9)a)Explain Hit or miss transform with an example?
b) explain region splitting and merging in image segmentation?
10)a)how gray level converted to color in gray level transformation in pseudo color image processing ?
    b) Give the basic formulation for color image smoothing and sharpening
11) Explain about error free compression?
12) a)explain opening and closing operations?

b) explain region growing segmentation?